Christmas Card 2016

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Ring the alarm, people. It is the first day of December and I may already have Christmas cards in the mail! Who am I, right? To celebrate such a rare occurrence, I thought I'd also go ahead and share my cards here too. 

I don't take all the credit for having them out in an actual timely manner, I have to give that all to my good friend Liz. She took our photos, turned them around super, she told me about the biggest Christmas card game changer of them all - Amazon Prints!

Some of my usual peeves with holiday cards are the shipping costs, one-sidedness and writing out my own address hundreds of times. Well, Amazon Prints solves every single one of those problems. Free shipping for Prime members, the back of the card has a free design and they print my return address on every single envelope! 

I totally couldn't even choose just one photo or one design, so I got two! Some envelopes have one design, the other half has the other. So, even though I'm ruining the holiday card reveal, at least my family will be surprised with which version they get! 

We went with a very track-and-field them this year, since we're nearing that time of school year. The coach spends a whole lot of time on that red track and I'll always love the color blue, so it was a perfect combination. 

Anybody else sending Christmas cards today?

High Five to Us, Friends!