Jedi + Shooting Star

You know, if it's not last minute, it just wouldn't be any good. Anyone else live by that mantra? So far, it's worked pretty well in the Halloween costume arena. Although, it'd be super great to have our outfits actually picked out ahead of time!

Going for an overall "STAR" theme, say hello to Star Wars' Mace Windu and a shooting star. One is completely purchased, one is completely DIY. Go figure!

Thanks to a recent homecoming dress up day at school, Coach already had a nice new Jedi costume. He specifically asked for the purple light saber, so he could be someone named Mace Windu (I'm so sorry y'all...I know nothing about Star Wars. We've watched the first two to get me onboard, I'm just a couple decades behind). You can find the costume here and the light saber here (Amazon affiliate links). 

As for me, of course I threw this sucker together in about 30 minutes when I got home from work. #Typical During my lunch hour, I searched far and wide for basically anything gold and shaped like a star. I made the top star out of foam board wrapped in gold duck tape, hot glued to a headband. My foil "skirt" (or door decoration), eyelashes, beads and star confetti (decorating my face) was all picked up at Party City. My dress starbursts were made with the strips of duct tape and my sparkly "belt" was found in the Christmas section of the Dollar Tree. 

Happy Halloween Y'all!