Pebbles + Peter Parker

This weekend was our friend's annual Halloween party! After the success of our couples' costumes last year, we kind of procrastinated too long and couldn't top it this time. After not coming up with a couple we really wanted to be for a few nights, Coach decided to be Peter Parker and I threw together a Pebbles costumes at the last minute. Pebbles and Peter Parker. "P" themed couples costumes to match our last name, I guess?

As always, I took the DIY route with our costumes. My Pebbles ensemble cost me about $7 and his was nearly free, thanks to having a few things around our home. 

Pebbles -


Cut jagged-edges on a cheap, neon tshirt.


Chop up black felt into random-sized triangles and glue onto the shirt, using tacky glue.


Create a dinosaur bone for your hair by shaping and hot gluing paper towels together. Basically, a cylinder and two circles.


Wear it all together with some animal-print shoes and a high-bun. 

Peter Parker/Spiderman -


Create a Press Pass in photoshop with your own photo.


Wear all this together.


Take lots of pictures all night. 

Thanks for hosting us again, Justin + roomies!