Trick or Treat

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Halloween has come and gone. It seemed so short, but it sure was a lot of fun! I nanny on Thursdays, so I was happy to be there to help the girls get ready for their fun night! I did have crayon super powers after all.

Right after school we had to get homework out of the way (cruel teachers), but you can't do any homework on Halloween without a spook-tacular after-school snack. Apple slices, peanut butter and some marshmallows became very scary monster teeth...and they were delicious!

I also found these super cute wooden coloring stands for the girls at Hobby Lobby. [P] got a pretty little lady bug and [K] had a coloring stand to match her own Halloween costume: a cat!

Once our activities were all done for the afternoon, it was time to get dressed in the costumes. We got on the cat and Doc McStuffins outfits and I tried my second-go at kitty makeup. Today, we found a Stila eye shadow in her Mom's makeup bag called Kitten*. It was meant to be!

We had to get those pictures out of the way quickly because the girls were ready to go! After putting together a few flashlights, it was time to go get all that candy. I left a little early in the evening, but something tells me that the girls probably overflowed their buckets. Teeth beware. 

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween.