Candy Corn Day

Did you know yesterday was officially national Candy Corn Day? Neither did I until I saw it on twitter in the morning. I'll take any little excuse to celebrate something! So, I made a little box full of candy corn items before I picked up the girls. We had orange powerades and candy corn + popcorn for our after-school snack. We put them in cute candy corn bags and they each got a pair of candy corn glitter socks from The Dollar Tree. Our special Halloween station on Pandora became the soundtrack for our day too.

[K] and I spent some of our time crafting for Candy Corn day. A little chalk, glue and torn up bits of construction paper are all you need to make a giant candy corn collage. Tell a kid to rip up tons of paper, they will LOVE it!

After our giants candy corns were all dry, we had to get her nails to match. In the same order as real candy corns, we painted them white, orange and yellow. We had to do a few coats, so the drying process took a little longer than we wanted, but luckily, we put on her kitty paws BEFORE we began painting. 

[K] and her friends got to dress up for dance class, so I had my first try at a human--->cat makeover. We used a Halloween eyeliner set and drew on a nose, lip line, little dots and whiskers. We even added a little bit of shimmery blue eye shadow and cat-like wisps. 

We had a super fun Candy Corn Day! 

Can't wait to see the girls all dressed up tonight for Halloween. 

I'll be sure to show off their cute costumes tomorrow!