Dear Neesie

When I had to say goodbye to you this weekend, it was a little sadder than I thought. You weren't my first car, but you were a close second and a huge part of my young adult life. Since 2010, it's been me and you hitting the roads. Handing over those keys was full of emotion, sentiment and nostalgia. 


Wow, did we drive a lot! I think I inherited you from my parents with about 100K miles and we added another 60K together. More trips to my hometown than I count count and more trips to Austin than my mother would like to know about. Every mile was a good mile. We never once broke down. 

I know I could have kept you a little cleaner than I did. I'm sorry about that. In college, I didn't always have a spare $5 for you to get a bath. Sometimes I just thought since you were old, it didn't matter. Last week you got a great scrubbing, though, and looked as good 2005 can look!

I bet you remember, but I only let us run out of gasoline once. Luckily, I was already at my destination (a baby shower) and you just couldn't start back up when I was ready to go home. With a phone call, a small gas tank and my family to the rescue, you were ready to roll again. 

Gosh, you have seen some moves! From dorm to dorm, dorm to parent's house, parent's house to apartment, apartment to apartment and office to office, you have helped move some items. I have packed you out with a mountain of things, but you always held as much as I could pile up. 

One time we got keyed. Who even does that? I remember coming into my college apartment late at night and shooing people (very friendly-like) that were standing around, blocking a front row parking spot. The next morning, you were keyed from back to front. I know it was those parking-lot-standers. After a little anger and a trip to the store, we got you painted back up again to prevent any rust. Good as new. 

I know you were getting old and things happen, but the only little broken thing that truly gave me a constant headache was that dang left sideview mirror. I tried every duct tape and glue on the market for months and months. Most recently, the E6000 worked like a charm and you've been totally fine since. If only I'd known! 

When I was first falling in love with my boyfriend, there you were. We took you out for many a date nights during those college days! I even drove you up to my surprise engagement. You accompanied me to venue visits, bridal showers and lots and lots of wedding shopping. I think my once-boyfriend, once-fiance, now-husband loves you too...even though you may have heard him say otherwise. 

I'm not sure exactly when you got your name, but you can thank my friend Shanice for it. Once you were "Neesie" the Nissan, we all acknowledged you as the personality you are. My college friends were sad to see you go as well. Everybody loves Neesie!

Remember when the Dallas Mavericks won the national championship? At the earliest hour of the morning, my friends and I loaded up and headed to the big D to catch the celebration parade. We dressed you up in blue and green too. 

You've listened to me sing, which means we must be friends for life. I'm no good at it, so I don't let just anyone have that privilege. Okay, okay. I know you know I'm awful! But, I fearlessly belted out some of the best songs that 2011-2016 had to offer, as well as broadway musical tunes and the classic Jagged Little Pill. Thanks for letting me. 

From my first little internships at the daily college paper and local non-profit to my first real grown-up job at my current school district, you got me there. We always got there safely and sometimes we were even on time. 

I couldn't help but get a little excited when I found out we were selling you to a college girl. Like myself, she'll be driving back and forth from classes, piling in giggling friends, moving from here to to there, getting first jobs and making lots of great memories with you too. Maybe she'll sing a little better than I. And wash you a little more often. 

I'm sure you'll be perfect for her. You were perfect for me.