Flash of Mauve

The coach and I recently attended a volleyball banquet in honor of the girl's team he assists. It's really exciting to have a reason to dress up for an event, since that seems like a rarity these days (Can adults please just have prom every year too?). I had also been waiting for something to wear my new skirt to and I'm glad I decided this was it!

I'd seen tulle skirts and dresses on Pinterest every once in a while and the girly-girl in me knew I needed one too! Through some searching I found that Windsor was a great place to get a "Darling Party Skirt." For my first tutu (since my 5-year-old ballet recital), I chose Mauve, but they seriously have every color and it's really hard to choose! 

I paired my new fun skirt with a sequined tank and a mini cardigan, while Montrell busted out the groom-gear and wore his wedding suit. He hadn't put it on since our wedding day, so it was fun to see him in that again too!

Since the night was masquerade-themed, I set out earlier that afternoon to find some masks. I really wanted to make ours and have a whole DIY project ready for you all, but I let time get the best of me. We found plenty of great pre-made options at Pier 1 Imports thanks to some twitter helpers!

Once all the awards and recognitions were given, the dance began! Here's a couple of things I learned as we attended a dance for middle and high school girls: 1. We are old. 2. Kids don't know what the electric slide is. 3. The whip may be the worst-looking dance fad of all time. 4. My husband can DANCE y'all (well, I already knew this one, but I liked the reminder). 5. Did I mention we are old? We were so tired by 11:00 p.m., even with the cup of coffee I had!

We really had so much fun hanging out with his team and fellow coaches. Huge thanks to the parents and directors who helped organize this big event. We can't wait for next season! 

Masquerade! / Paper faces on parade / Masquerade!

Hide your face so the world will never find you

Masquerade! / Every face a different shade / Masquerade!

Look around, there's another mask behind you.

Flash of mauve / Splash of puce / Fool and king / Ghoul and goose.