Algebra Classroom

Most first-day-of-schools I make my grown teacher-husband take a picture with a little "1st Day" sign, just like all the cute kindergarteners that fill our facebook feeds all day. Well, lucky for him, he got out of the picture this year. Since he's coaching, he leaves our house by 6:00am for practice...and I definitely kept on snoozing right on through that. Maybe I'll try again one afternoon this week!

In true procrastination-fashion, we spent this past weekend frantically getting his classroom together. When a room looks so new, it kind of feels like you don't have to do too much to make it look great. A couple of posters, plants and bulletin boards later, we were in business. 

We bought three digital posters from ArtCoStore on Etsy (FailedWake UpSecond Chance). We printed them at Staples as engineering prints, which is on very thin paper. We'll probably need to re-print before the year is over and get the next set laminated to make them a little more durable. 

I'm not sure what these cute IKEA storage cups can be used for, but they were the perfect fit on the filing cabinet doors. Markers? Pens? Pencils? All I know is they were too cute to pass up!

One of my favorite bulletin boards is the room is made from IKEA plastic fabric. Definitely not as cheap as butcher paper, of course, but it adds the best pop of color and pattern to the space. 

Taking a great hint from my friend Megan, we bought two IKEA "trash baskets" to create the turn-in station. Since they are hanging on with tacks, each class' basket can easily be removed and taken home for grading. 

On the large back dry erase board towards the back of his room, we used our measuring skills and taped off a small calendar using Scotch colorful masking tape. We tried to keep up the "super hero" primary colors throughout the room, since he's got some posters on the wall with all the Avengers and Justice heroes. 

Congrats, Moms and Dads: School is back in session. Teachers, hang on! Labor day is coming! :)