Geomtetry Classroom Pt. 2

While all the parents have filled my InstagramTwitter and Facebook feeds with pictures of their little ones on the way to school, I was trying to get my husband to pose for one before he drove away to his first day. Yep. I'm THAT wife. 


After a 15-minute search for his wallet and a few trips from the car to our 3rd-floor apartment and back again, he was off to class (wallet in-hand). It's his second year in his sophomore Geometry classroom, so I'm sure there are a lot less nerves this time around. He's a veteran now, after all. They may not know it yet, but his students and athletes are really lucky to have him each and every day. I know I feel just as lucky ever since I got to

marry the guy

. I'm one proud teacher-coach wife!

If you're one of my Instagram followers,

you saw

that we spent our Saturday morning + afternoon decorating his room. We didn't get everything completely finished, but here's some of what got accomplished that day. Not too shabby.

Keep on sharing those first day pictures! I love seeing them all.