Sending You a Little Texas

As I write this post, I'm totally singing "I'm sending you a little Christmas, wrapped up with love," because the song will not get out of my head! And, yes, I will cry if I watch that music video one more time!

Since my best friends and I are spending our first holiday season apart (since 2009), I knew I had to send a little Christmas to them all the way up in New York...but, I needed to add a little Texas flare, of course, because I wouldn't be a true Texan if I didn't!

For the past month, I've been on the lookout for things that will remind them of home sweet home. After browsing and collecting, I think I've finally put together a perfect care package, fit for Texans, just in time for Christmas!

ONE: Salsa

– One of the facts of life is: the only place you can get better salsa than in Texas is Mexico. So, this Tex-Mex salsa from Central Market is nearly as good as it gets. All they'll have to do now is add chips (and maybe some queso, sour cream, beef, guacamole, etc if they want to really experience home).

TWO: Flag

- Oh boy, do we Texans ever love our flag. This one is a little tiny version I found in Hobby Lobby. I didn't want to buy a giant one, as it may be a bit of an apartment decor-distraction...but, I thought this one was perfect to add into a pencil-holder or small vase around the place and it’s easy to move if they have to get a new apartment in the future.

THREE: Whataburger

- Since I can't send them a fresh burger and fries from a Texan's favorite fast food joint (seriously, anytime you're in the South, you need to try it), I'm sending some of the ingredients that make those foods so darn good. Whataburger sells their ketchup, spicy ketchup and mustard on their website and in H.E.B and Central Market stores. It may even Texan-up a New York hot dog!

FOUR: Candles

- On Shutterfly, I created some really great picture-collage candles. I found a few favorite photos from the girls' instagram and Facebook accounts, added in their first initial and waited a few days on my shipment. It's a great way to surround their new apartment with lots of familiar smiles from back home. Plus, they're definitely going to need all the heat-sources they can get this first New York winter!

FIVE: Cookies

- I've seen these cute honey vanilla cookies at Market Street for a while now and I knew they'd be the perfect addition to this gift. Everybody loves cookies and icing, especially when it's graced with that pretty flag, right? You can also order these cookies on The Cookie Gallery website. Make sure to leave the cookies in the packaging they came in, or re-wrap them in a way that will keep them from becoming cookie-dust as they travel!

SIX: Graphic Print

– Using two of my favorite fonts (Cheddar Jack and Bebas Nue), I created a quick “Texas is Home” print for their living area. No matter how long they’ll be in New York, even if it’s forever, Texas is still always going to be home!

Have any of my fellow Texans sent a little home state love to a far-away friend? I’m sure there are countless ideas that I haven’t even thought of. I’d love to hear what you have sent! Let me know in the comments, below.