Holiday Storage Closet

"It is a good thing until you discover a better thing." - Martha Stewart


I have a hard time saying "no" to holiday decorations. If you've read how I search the greater Dallas area for clearance items after holidays, that's no surprise to you! And all that extra shopping means I need to find a spot to put all these things once these holidays are over.

Summertime weather always makes for a good time to dive into my holiday items and do some critical thinking and ditching. Any closer to the magical season and it's a little too hard for me to think clearly without the Christmas gaze of "but...what if I need this 15th stocking?"

It's also a good time to figure out the best/cleanest way to store ALL the things. 


I've had numerous different styles of storage boxes, but it never seemed as organized or neat as I wanted it to be. A couple months ago, my sister moved and gave me one of her ALGOT shelf frames with mesh baskets. I went and picked up another at IKEA because they were the perfect side-by-side fit for our holiday closet. 


I try to set limits for myself now, so I don't keep hoarding or overdoing it on decorations. Having a size restriction makes that a little easier. My ground rules are: 1. Decorations must only be stored in this one closet, not infiltrating other storage areas in the house (with the exception of the Christmas trees in the garage and the throw pillows underneath our bed) and 2. the decorations must be contained in the baskets (with the exception of all the big stuff that can sit on top). Two large baskets are for Halloween/fall, two large baskets are for Christmas, three small baskets are dedicated to Christmas ornaments and one small last basket are for Valentines Day/spring. 


A few other things that help me out with the holiday organizing are hanging the wreaths on the walls, piling up holiday-themed door mats on the floor of the closet and putting all the wrapping paper in these plastic bag dispensers from IKEA


I love being able to see through the mesh baskets and know what is where. It's going to be great going through this holiday season and really testing out how I like the new system!

What's your favorite holiday storage tip?