Funfetti Sisters

Trix are for kids…and a lot of times, so are mini photo sessions. Well, these twenty-something sisters are kids at heart and we’re not ones to skip out on a fun photo shoot moment. Neither of our husbands can ever seem to learn one single thing about taking a good photo and all our sister-pics end up being the actual worst.

That’s why we leave photography to the pros, y’all.

Alison Faith Photography hosted this color-packed party of a mini session at The Lumen Room in Dallas and my sister and I were so happy to snag a time-slot. We wore outfits to match our personalities, recreated hilarious old photos from our childhood and threw around giggles like confetti. It was the total cherry-on-top of a sweet weekend with my sister.

We weren’t always the best of friends. In true girl fashion, whenever either of us was in middle school it wasn’t the most civil of situations. However, I love so much that we’ve grown up, grown together and talk pretty much every single day. Even when we just send a meme or a favorite video clip of The Office, there’s no other person I’d rather share a laugh with!

I’m so proud of her and all the folks she inspires over at @SimpleCatLady. She’s taken on the challenge of living simply and faced every obstacle that comes with it, head-on.

It’s so good to have a sister. It’s even better to have her be your inspirational best friend.