Essential Oil Storage

While my essential oils are currently jumbled up in a wicker basket, completely unorganized, I've been searching around for some of the coolest ways to house my oil (you know, for when I get my life together and have them all in a proper place). Here are 7 of my favorites:

The Oil Tree has two options, Triangle and Diamond. Both are super cute for any home! 

Love this pouch + coaster set from LUSHCreativeHome: (use coupon code JOY14 for free shipping on any order!)

This giant shelf holds tons of oil...50 bottles, to be exact! JSWoodworkandMore offers smaller options too:

The Titus2Homemaker brilliantly stores her oils in ice trays! See where she buys these trays on her blog!

Chalkboard? I'm in. Shop24 has lots of cute shelf options for oils:

CREATIVELITTLEWOMEN creates these little travel pouches, after you pick out the fabric of your choice! I love anything customizable!

Meant as a nail polish display, this fancy gold frame from Dainty Creations would look great filled with essential oils!

How Do You Store Your Oils?