Start Your Essential Oil Journey

I use essential oils. I can hook you up with some essential oils. I won't push them on you though, mostly because hilarious someecards like this one exist. When something is trendy, you get a little tired of hearing about it. I get it. I'm a human being too. 

I'd probably be doing the eye-roll along with you, had I not taken the plunge back in February. I bought a Young Living starter kit and was hooked. In the past 8 months, I've cleaned out a lot of my medicine cabinet (I still believe in medicine, especially when times call for a doctor's visit and prescriptions), all of my toxic cleaners, all of my candles (including my wax warmers) and many of my daily hygiene supplies. They've been replaced with homemade essential oil concoctions, and a few trusty natural brands. Why? I'll just leave you to read about the dangers of parabens, BPA, phosphates and synthetics on your own's nothing short of terrifying.  

Rest assured, I was a total skeptic going into this and I'm completely aware of the placebo effect. However, my oils haven't done anything to make me regret my decision yet. I've been less sick in the past 8 months (I've always been a chronic thrower-upper, especially as an adult) than I have ever been.

Some of my favorite ways to use our oils include:

- Lemon | Making homemade cleaning supplies | Dropping into the garbage disposal to freshen it up | Adding to a diffuser (with Lavender + Peppermint)
- Lavender | Creating laundry detergent | Soothing myself to sleep (diffuser) 
- Peppermint | Rolling on any headache pain-points | Adding to Lemon + Lavender to diffuse +  quickly freshen our home | Creating a chest rub (with Coconut Oil) for those nights with a stuffy nose
- Panaway | Mixing with Coconut Oil and spreading over Montrell's sore and cramp-prone muscles after tournaments
- Thieves | Creating a healthy, homemade toothpaste | Dropping onto sore throat | Diffusing to prevent sickness (spouse sick? coworkers' kids sick?)

If you're ever ready to start your journey like I did, with a Young Living premium starter pack, you can give me some credit by using my Sponsor ID! This is over $300 in product for only $150. Yes, please! It's a great way for you to get a feel for different oils and deciding which ones you love. You'll get a 5ml bottle of 11 essential oils, a diffuser and tons of samples and guides. 

Step 1: Sign up as a "Wholesale Member." This means you can become a distributor if you want to in the future (no obligations, sign up fees, or monthly fees). Be sure 1666781 is written in those Sponsor ID boxes and fill in all your customer info as you would with any online purchase. Step 2: Select "Premium Starter Kit" (you can choose any of the other kits, but this one is my favorite, as you get the most Young Living oils (plus, a diffuser) for your money. Step 3: Select "No," if you'd rather not have a reoccurring fee/monthly subscription. That's it!

While my family continues to make fun of my "voodoo magic oils" and I continue to throw the 23rd Psalm back at them ("You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows,") you can join me on this journey of using essential oils. I'm learning. I'm pinning. I'm researching. And I'm excited!

Disclaimer- I'm not a medical professional. Any essential oil info I add to my posts are opinions based on my own experiences. Use common sense and advice of an actual medical professional when making decisions about your own health. Techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Thanks!