Kardashian Babies

Sometimes I feel like everybody is pregnant, or recently had a little bundle of joy...and that's all well and good! I love seeing all the bump and cooing pictures and videos in my social media feeds. However, as a 23-year-old nanny, I think I get plenty of practice-mommy time each week...enough to hold me over for another good three years...or five...or so. Despite my complete lack of motherly hankering, I still think baby clothes are really so super cute. 

Have you mommies seen the Kardashian's first baby kollection? Oh. My. Goodness. In love. I'm all about leopards, golds and simplicity right now, so that's what makes these so endearing. If I were a baby again, I'd definitely want to be wearing these stylish numbers. 

White/Gold Foil Polka Dot Short Sleeve, Polka Dot Legging | 2 Pack Leopard Print and Star Print Bibs | Star Print Short Sleeve Bodysuit | Mesh and Tulle Tiered Skirt with Diaper Cover | Leopard Print Short Sleeve Bodysuit | 2 Pack Leopard Print and Star Print Hats

I will admit, I'm a bit biased: on a scale of hating(0)-to-loving(100) the Kardashian's, I'm at least a 110. My friends and I have always gotten together to watch Keeping Up and all the sub-series underneath. We're obsessed with Khloe and may just pretend she's our best friend. Plus, you can't tell me that the ladies don't have style (their clothes, their homes, their cars). I mean, really. It cannot be denied.