Nanny Savannah | Saint Patrick's Day

I celebrated Saint Patty's with a couple of my favorite girls. You know, it's not an Irish holiday without [K] mentioning Niall Horan (her favorite One Direction-er, who happens to be from shamrock-land). I think we ended up renaming the holiday "Niall Horan Day!" Before I picked the girls up from school, I got a few fun Irish-y items from Target. The girls really loved their mustache-straws. 

For their after-school snack, we made rainbow Fruit Loop necklaces. We did some ROY-G-BIV review and made sure to put our necklaces in the order of real rainbows...minus "Violet," of course because that poor color isn't included in the cereal box. 
We even let the cat, Monkey, get in on the festivities. [K] made him his own little necklace/collar and he never even flinched. His had to be all-green, so he wouldn't get pinched, of course. 
Our big craft of the day was rainbow paper art. To make everything go a little easier, I knew we'd need to sort out the Fruit Loops by color. We set out 6 empty shamrock plates, each of us got two. [K] was in charge of picking out the purples and blues, [P] picked out reds and greens and I was in charge of the yellows and oranges. After a bit of sorting, counting and snacking, the colors were separated. 
On a piece of construction paper, I drew an arch and we added liquid school glue and rows of Fruit Loops, until a rainbow appeared. We ran out of time for adding a pot of gold, or puffy cotton-ball-clouds, but we still loved our little rainbows. 
We spent the last part of our day outside at the 6:00pm. I'm so happy the time has changed and is back to my favorite time...which means freezing temps may actually be behind us! Bring on those warm rays and 8:00pm sunsets, right?
We'll be celebrating "Frozen Day" on Wednesday because it comes out on Blu-ray/DVD tomorrow! 
I don't actually know who's more excited about that, me or the girls?