Let's Chat | HIMYM Finale

Disclaimer: While I've tried to dodge any blatant spoilers, you may not want to read if you plan on watching the series and/or finale sometime soon. But, if you think you can keep away from spoilers in our social-media world, I say, "Good luck," and will give you the highest of fives if you actually do!

Now, I'm not an original fan of How I Met Your Mother, by any means. When this giant saga started, I was a sophomore in high school and was probably way too busy crying over my math homework and painting spirit signs for sporting events to watch the show. However, I watched it randomly throughout college (which is cray-cray confusing to do). Last Summer, when my Friends dvd marathon ended, I was looking for another series to hook myself to. Netflix gave me HIMYM. 

I marathoned it for weeks and I was no longer confused! I got the inside-jokes, understood all the flashing forward and backward and was anxiously awaiting the next season with THE mother. Which brings me to Monday night, the final episode....

I was in pain, like many of you, as I sat and watched the ending of the 9-year-old sitcom. Why would they do this to us?! I tweeted. I fumed. I kicked my chaise lounge. *Takes breathe* The next morning, I saw this article, tweeted by E!

The first line reads: Dear anyone who has never seen an episode of How I Met Your Mother: Watch the very first episode. Then watch the very last episode. You will think it's the most brilliant comedy series ever to air on television. 
And so, that's what I did when I got home from work. 

Six minutes into the first episode, I got it. I remembered that love and I understood. Now, was 9 years too long to have us hanging onto a plot that they shattered in the last hour? Perhaps. But, the full circle that this series took is actually kind of amazing. It's getting bashed pretty hard this week, but it's probably the ending that most fans wanted all along (even though we pretty much all gave up on it around seasons 3-4). I recommend going back to watch that first episode, just one more time. It may sooth your broken little HIMYM heart. 

PS: No matter how "okay" I've made myself with the whole last-five-minutes-thing, I am by no means approving of what they did with Barney. He had made such strides from his scumbag ways. I was proud of him....then, he was instantly back to it? And to wrap the story up in a bow, they throw in a baby, with an unknown baby-mama? Total cop out and didn't feel genuine at all!