December Bucket List

December is one of the fews months a year that I truly want to squeeze in as many things as I can. I can never get enough Christmas and so I want to spend the month doing exactly all the things that make it feel like the holiday season. Here's hoping I can check all of these off the list:

☑ String up Christmas lights on our very own house.

☑ Chow down on holiday-themed pancakes. 

☑ Cheer on a random high school football team during the playoffs. 

☑ Enjoy a peppermint mocha on the commute to work. 

☑ Read through the December Martha Stewart Living magazine. 

☑ Send packages to far-away friends. 

☑ See Disney/Pixar's "Coco" in theaters.

☐ Roast-burn marshmallows and make smores. 

☐ Sort, ditch and spend old (forgotten) gift cards. 

☑ Shop for our Angel Tree kiddos. 

☑ Make a big delivery/donation to our local CCA ReSale store

☐ Check out The 12 Days of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum. 

☑ Send Christmas cards with our new address.

☑ Instagram something holiday-worthy (almost) every day. 

☑ Wrap up in blankets and watch Elf and Home Alone. 

☐ Take a chilly walk around the Vitruvian Lights

☑ Jam out to Christmas music as the Netflix fireplace crackles. 

☑ Visit a favorite breakfast cafe and tip BIG. 

☑ Spend a day lounging around and marathoning Hallmark Christmas movies. 

What are you looking forward to this month?