Man of Steel Premiere

I can officially mark one off of my Summer Bucket List. Last Thursday night we bought our tickets for the premiere of Man of Steel. In true midnight-premiere style, we all wore our Superman gear (we went to Spencer's earlier in the day and got ourselves some new tshirts). We lined up outside for about an hour, sweating and Candy-Crushing while we waited (It's absolutely maddening, I tell you! Don't play that game). We wanted to see the 3D-version, and in doing so we got some special limited-edition Superman glasses...really they're just blue with the logo on the side. Whatever makes us feel a little better about spending $3 on 2-cent plastic glasses, I guess!


I guess I should admit to you all that I totally fell asleep for about 80% of the movie. I'm too old for midnight premieres...especially ones where the movie is two and a half hours. It's like after I graduated college, my body just decided that staying up late was not for me. Bah hum bug.

The boys both LOVED it, though. It had plenty of action to keep them entertained. Plus, we all know Superman is the most handsome of all the Superheroes...not handsome enough to keep me awake, apparently...I'll go see it again this week, promise! I'm the worst fan of all time!

How's your bucket list going? I need to mark a few more off before July gets here!