Powerline + Roxanne

This costume has been in the works for quite some time, probably years! Coach's all-time favorite childhood movie is The Goofy Movie, which you may not have ever seen if you weren't born in 1988-1991. There's a very small window of people who have even heard of it, I've since realized! ANYway, it's a good one, so if you get the chance to watch, go for it. 


He's always wanted to dress up as the movie's pop star, Powerline, and my red hair kind of makes me the cute teeny love interest, Roxanne, by default. 


For Powerline, I started out with a yellow bodysuit and worked from there. Using foam for the hair and belt and sponges-covered-in-fabric as the arm rings, I spent many hours with a glue gun burning my fingerprints off. Okay, well, it wasn't that terrible, but sometimes it felt like it!


Roxanne was probably the simpliest costume to ever put together. All I had to buy was brown paint and a green t-shirt. Of course, if your hair isn't already red, you may have to get a little more creative there. Other than that, not a lot more you need!


Happy Halloween!