Dallas Summer Musicals: The Little Mermaid

This 2015-2016 season of Dallas Summer Musicals, I am proud to be a member of the DSM Showbiz Crew. Through the program, I will be given tickets to a few shows on its opening night and I get to let you guys know how the performance goes!


I may have not been born a redhead, but I made it happen as soon as I could. Now, I'm not sure if the desire for red hair was just something I naturally gravitated towards or this is all the lasting effects of having Ariel and pals plastered all over my bedroom curtains, sheets, bedspread and clothes as a child. The world may never know. Either way, I'm not ashamed to admit that Ariel is my #hairgoals and one of my absolute favorite Disney characters...even if I'd much rather live in the ocean than on land. I mean, come on, girl!

I was so excited to attend the live musical production of Disney's The Little Mermaid last night at Music Hall. It's one of those "bucket list" shows that I now can check off my list (but, will probably go see again...and again). 

Of course, I had to bring a dinglehopper with me to the show. Never know when you need to fix that red hair!

Of course, I had to bring a dinglehopper with me to the show. Never know when you need to fix that red hair!

As soon as we gathered in line at Music Hall to check our tickets, we were greeted with bubbles! So many kids were gathered around jumping and popping the bubbles. Nothing looks more like pure joy than small kiddos leaping around in a waterfall of bubbles!


As I sit down before a show, I'm always filled with questions. I think it's the former-back-stager in me. "A lot of this performance is set underwater...how in the world will they pull this off?" Pull it off, they did. From the lighting and effects to the constant body movement of the actors (hellllloooo abwork), you can't even remember that they aren't actually "under da sea." 


Besides fangirling over all the nostalgia that comes with a perfect Disney performance, I was absolutely enamored with the costumes. The mermaid tails were gorgeous and flowed through the "water" like they would in real life. As much as you hate Queen Ursula, her costume is so cool! Her tentacles catch you off-guard as they come alive with choreography and a little help from Flatsom and Jetsom.


This is such a great show for ladies in their mid-twenties (like myself), or for the little girls who like to dress up as Ariel (like so many little ones did on opening night). Or basically anyone, because...I mean...it IS Disney. Get your tickets for one of the performances, now through March 27 at Music Hall at Fair Park. Check out the DSM website for more details.

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