2013 State Fair of Texas

What makes "Fall" feel the most real here in Dallas? The State Fair of Texas, of course! My Dad drove a bus-full of high school students on their field trip there this week from my hometown and since it was my day off and I'm just 15 minutes away, I drove on over too and met him there. 


I was really excited to see the comeback of Big Tex. It was a pretty sad site last year as we all watched him burn on local news outlets. He's back with a darker tan and some super-creepy eyebrows. But, as always, he's the spot you have to take your photo by and is a good place to tell a large group to meet at. You can't miss him!


I didn't want to gorge myself on all the fried foods that are offered at the fair, just so I didn't feel queezy and full of grease! I went straight for Darn Good Corn. They offer my fair-favorite meal: The Walking Taco. It's a Doritos bag, cut and filled with all the taco toppings. They also have the best drink a Texan could ask for: Frozen Sweet Tea! I thought it may be weird to have a "slushie" version of tea, but it's pretty "darn good."


My Dad enjoyed his meal and tea, if it wasn't for all those brain freezes. But, with tea that sweet, you just take the freezes like a champion because it's 100% worth it. 


I don't do fair rides...or amusement park or any kind of rides. They are terrifying and I don't like being terrified. But, I do have proof that I am tall enough to ride them if I did want to. 


Later in the day, we stopped for a bit and watched The Killdares. They have a unique sound, mixing celtic classics with rock and roll. We loved the combination! They are playing every single day of the fair at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6pm (woah, that's a lot of shows!) at Gate G of the Cotton Bowl. Make sure to go check them out. 

Word to the wise (since I am not): Don't wear your newest pair of shoes, especially if they are from a dollar store, especially without socks. Not the most brilliant of plans. I'm still feeling that mistake. 

Hope you all have a great time at a state fair too, in Texas and beyond!