Super Bowl Roundup

What. A. Night! For the first time in years, it seems that the actual football game may have been the most exciting part of The Super Bowl. Usually it's taken over with the hype of hilarious commercials and an exciting halftime show. The tables definitely turned.

I had on my comfy clothes and slippers and had gathered all my necessary supplies yesterday by 5:00 p.m. I was in my favorite living room spot (my chaise) and ready for all the events of the evening! I'm telling y'all...I probably love this big night more than my own birthday!

Montrell happily obliges to take my yearly Super Bowl setup picture. He finds me absolutely ridiculous (and hopefully a little adorable too). He likes playing sports, I like watching them...and commercials...and award shows...and basically any major pop culture event. Okay, I am ridiculous!


The game was fantastic. I feel like they're all usually blow outs...but not this one! Seemed fairly equal the whole way through and then the last minute was full of the perfect madness we all secretly hope for. That last catch the Seahawks Kearse made was nothing short of hilarious. It was totally a Chandler Bing catch! Then, that one call...Y'all, growing up a coach's kid, I was taught to never doubt or question a coach's call...but, I couldn't help but scratch my head on the one that caused the interception. What. Even. Happened?! However, the interceptor seemed incredibly humble and deserving, so "Go him!"


Chevrolet's "4-G LTE Wi-Fi" - This one nearly game me a heart attack. Perfectly timed before kickoff, I thought my cable was going out! Sheer panic for that half-second before I realized it was a fake. Got me good, Chevy!

BMW's "Newfangled Idea" - When Katie says, "Can you explain what Internet is?" Now, I'm wanting to see this entire throwback episode because I want to know what her 1994 answer was! We didn't have a clue of the possibilities. 

Skittle's "Settle It" - This made the boys in my house laugh a little more than me, but when you see a baby with arm muscles bigger than your own, it definitely causes a smile. 

Avocados from Mexico's "First Draft Ever" - I'm mainly just amazed that avocados are a big enough empire to have a Super Bowl commercial. I mean, I love guacamole as much as the next girl, but this one totally surprised me!

Doritos' "Airplane" - There's always one Doritos commercial that I really really love. This one was that for me. So relatable! (And way better than their Pigs Flying one). 

Loctite's "Positive Feelings"- Every Super Bowl needs one of these. Absolutely ridiculous, but totally memorable and lovable. If this doesn't make you want to go buy some glue (and a fanny pack), I don't know what will!


Toyota's "How Great I Am" - This one stars Paralympian Amy Purdy. She amazing. Plus, it's narrrated by some of Mahamid Ali's famous quotes. Ones that my husband repeats to me so often: "I murdered a rock, Injured a stone, Hospitalized a brick. I’m so mean, I make medicine sick."

Carnival's "Come Back to the Seas" - This one looked a little familiar to another popular commercial from a year or two ago, but I loved it still. The sea calls my name all the time. I'll come back to it! Anytime you want to send me away on ships for a year to blog from the ocean, Carnival, I'm down!

Coke's "Make It Happy" - Coke spots never let me down. I loved how this brought a real issue into the light and Coke, known for bringing the happiness, made it all better. They're also integrating this on Twitter (sending happy tweets to respond to #MakeItHappy). Love. 

Microsoft's "Braylon"  - Another inspirational person/family that is overcoming. Love how this shows the beautiful things that technology is enabling us to do. Plus, Common narrates!

Microsoft's "Brilliant Bus" - Again, this shows off the best of what people are doing with available technology. Also, Common's voice, y'all! 

Jeep's "Beautiful Lands" - You know a spot is powerful when it makes everyone in your house silent. It's almost just like we were in awe. Jeep really hit home that our earth is stunning and we should probably work hard to keep it that way. "The World is a Gift." 


Budweiser's "Lost Dog" - Have you ever been in a group-setting, didn't get a joke, but everyone else did? This is kind of how I feel about the appeal of the Budweiser commercials. Yes, it's a cute puppy. Yes, it's cute that puppies and horses can be friends...I just don't feel as moved by these as others. Maybe it's the cat-lady in me? Sorry, y'all!

Dove Men's "Real Strength" - Okay, this one I was totally close to rolling tears. It made me think of my own Dad and how awesome he is. Then, it made me think about how great Montrell is going to be as a Dad someday. Basically, all the feelings! Be right back....crying and buying Dove right now....

No More's Official Spot - This is chilling. What a amazing woman to have the foresight to make that call for help in this way and bless that operator for sending an officer, when he could have taken it as a prank. Very powerful. 

Toyota's "My Bold Dad" - Another nod to Dads, which is just as sweet. 

By the way, I couldn't end this post without saying something about Nationwide.

There's no denying this ad was powerful. It was moving. It stopped me in my tracks. The website with safety tips is brilliant and extremely necessary. However, this was highly inappropriate for a celebration of America's sport, where families and kiddos are watching for entertainment, laughter and inspiration. This beautiful campaign belonged going viral on Facebook at a later, during Childhood Safety Month.

I do believe the campaign is very well done and could be successful in bringing awareness, but the timing was just in poor judgement and they're getting the wrong kind of attention for it.

Anyway, anyone else have leftover pizza for dinner tonight too?

The Super Bowl: The Gift That Keeps on Giving!