Super Bowl Sunday Roundup

Yesterday was my holiday! I grew up as a football coach's daughter and I majored in Advertising. So, when it's time for the biggest football game + most expensive commercials of the year, it's the most amazing combination for me. 

I'm such an ad nerd I don't really do Super Bowl watch parties anymore. I need to be in a very comfy spot with my spiral notebook and unfailing wifi for tweeting my little fingers off. I had my Macbook, iPad and iPhone ready in case one messed up. Luckily, I didn't even go to Twitter jail this year and Twitter never went down! 

What would the Super Bowl be without horribly unhealthy junk foods? Surrounding me, in my bed (in true slob fashion) during the first quarter, were pizza bites, Takis, Hershey's chocolate, Coke Zero and coffee! Notice that I decorated? Yep! Reused my gold chain from Christmas :) Festive, I know!

Before I get to all the commercial/game goodness, let me just be a super-excited wife for a second. My husband has NEVER watched the Super Bowl game with me. Not when I helped host the big parties in our dorms, not when I hosted parties at my apartment. Not ever! Yesterday I forced him to put together our electric grill (wedding gift) and then he planned on playing video games all afternoon until Beyonce. However, plans changed when he watched kickoff with me. He got sucked into the game and the commercials and he basically couldn't leave. The Super Bowl does that to you!

He barely could find a moment to go grab some dinner from Mcdonalds (20-piece chicken nuggets). I'm pretty sure he made that 10-minute trip in about 5. He didn't want to miss anything. He also made an appearance on Twitter which he does every year or so :) It was such a fun time. Us, sitting in our bedroom, eating nuggets and chocolate, tweeting, watching our smallest tv without HD. Impromptu date night for the win. 

THE GAME: You guys. This was such an exciting game. I was on an emotional roller coaster. With no real investment in either team, I just wanted an exciting one and I thought I was in for a blow-out. Before a single commercial was seen, the Ravens scored. Then they kept scoring. It was looking brutal.

THE BEYONCE: Half-time was fantastic. Friends of mine who worship the girl have made me despise any of her music, but once she started on some of those oldies, I was so happy! I KNEW Destiny's Child would be there. Those rumors were too big to be unreal. Although they didn't turn on Kelly or Michelle's mics (barely barely could hear them), I'm glad they let them grace the stage. As always, seeing Beyonce dance is probably the most amazing/depressing time of my life. I'm just so intrigued with what she's doing...then so sad I can't copy the moves.

THE GAME: Ravens come out from the half with a touchdown...NO. Not just any touchdown. A 109-yard kickoff return. It was amazing, yet depressing. To me that meant the game was a complete BUST.

Then something aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing happened! 

THE BLACKOUT: The electricity went out in the Superdome. First, we didn't know what happened! We were watching the game then suddenly the camera cut to the sky. Montrell and I thought someone in the camera crew was definitely getting fired because no one wants to stare at the sky for an awkward amount of time...then we realized there was no audio either. That's when we figured out that the "sky" was actually the top of the stadium where the lights had gone out. Twitter absolutely went WILD. It was the best thing to happen on the world stage. 
It was probably the best 30 minutes in television history...and absolutely NOTHING was happening. We didn't see a single commercial. We didn't see a single down. But the Twitter feed was enough entertainment for a lifetime.  
THE GAME: And with the blackout, the momentum begin swinging in the 49ers favor. At the time of the blackout, they were losing 28-6. Then they began scoring and scoring and scoring. It was absolutely amazing. I needed an exciting game! I did love that the Ravens ended up winning because they seemed to be the better team, but I'm glad it came down to the last few minutes!

THE COMMERCIALS: This post of mine is becoming a long novel and I don't want you all to hate me! Instead of giving my whole spill on each individual ad as I normally would...I'll just show my favorites in order of appearance. 

The true winners of the commercial Brand Bowl was SUCH an easy pick this year. HANDS DOWN, Oreo takes the grand advertising prize. Their commercial was good. Take a look if you missed it...

But, it's what they did in a matter of minutes of the blackout that put them leaps ahead of everyone else. They tweeted a simple graphic that brought all marketing fans to their feet cheering. 360i is the agency behind the brilliance and you can check their blog to read about their big win last night. 
Congrats to any Ravens fans. Congrats to 360i and Oreo. 
& congrats to us all for watching the most memorable Super Bowl in the last decade.