Cool Stuff | Photojojo for iPhoneographers

I've been in love with all-things Photojojo for a couple years now. They have some of the coolest gadgets for photo snappers like myself, the copy on their site couldn't be anymore hilarious and their use of hashtags is something to be pumped up about (okay, maybe only people like me...with degrees in strategic communications). 

Since I'm now a part of the iPhone club (almost for a whole 11 months now), I'm loving iPhoneography: the mash-up between photography + iphone. It's been a goal of mine lately to leave the dslr at home and use my phone for all personal use. Now that I've discovered these tools and added them to my wish list, I can already see my iPhoneography getting better and better. 


And guess what?! I totally just got the 3-lens set in the mail, yesterday afternoon! Friends, they're already even better than I thought. I'll be out taking example photos for you today and share how much I love each of them sometime next week, so be sure to check back!

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