Prom Reminiscing

Since my hometown and my husband's high school's proms are tonight, I thought I'd reminisce a bit about my own (I couldn't convince my teacher-husband to let us crash|chaperone his...which I think would be grand entertainment).  It's been 5 whole years since I was getting ready for my senior prom...So weird. I think I'm turning old. I'm pretty sure if you can say, "5 years ago," and you remember exactly what happened, it makes you old. 
My dress was pretty unique: gold and red and glittery and lovely. I still have it. Definitely doesn't fit. Maybe one day!
A couple of friends and I took a limo. I don't recommend it unless you have 7+ friends with you and make it a big group thing. 
It was a quiet trip, to say the least. Definitely wasn't worth my hard-earned high school money. 
I didn't bring a date. I didn't have a boyfriend. BEST high school decision(s) ever. 
My parents were there. That's not lame, though. It's cool. 
Most people only dance with their Dad once at their wedding. I danced with mine at my 2 proms too. "SHAKIRRA SHAKIRAAA"
Today, my teacher-parents will be attending their 21st prom together. Awesome, right?
Only one person from my senior class didn't come. Not too bad, 39 out of 40 (that top picture is all of my classmates!)
If you don't go to IHOP after prom with your friends, you need to ask yourself what you're doing with your life.
It's a happening place, I tell you. (Says the girl who was proposed to over an IHOP meal).
After IHOP, I went home and went to sleep. No regrets.

Have fun tonight teens! Take lots of pictures (get an instagram hashtag going for your school!).
Get out there and dance. Don't get annoyed with petty things like a nail breaking.
Most of all, get home safely. Remember: nothing good happens after midnight.