Coffee-Candy Bowls

Last fall when I was browsing around a Goodwill, I saw a box full of coffee carafe's, missing from their makers. Since I was having a breakfast reception, I had a lightbulb moment: What if I made these carafe's into cute topping containers? Yes! I grabbed three of my favorites and three small similar wine glasses (I paid less than $5 for all of these). Then, I bought some silicone caulk (accidentally bought white, instead of clear, but it wasn't too big of a deal) from WalMart for a couple bucks. 

Washed them all in a dishwasher, dried then glued the bottom of the carafe to the bottom of the wine glass (with the caulk). After they dried and were filled with toppings on our big day, I think they were a really cute piece. Ours were filled with candy, but any topping would have been great. Perfect for a breakfast reception or brunch party.