Our Wedding Guestbook

Instead of having a book with addresses that I can only imagine would be thrown away in about 5 years, I wanted to have a piece that I could keep from my big day. The wreath wasn't the original plan, it just kind of "hit me" after not having anything finalized...four months after wedding day. 

The original plan was for all our guests to sign circular blue and cream paper pieces, as the "balloons" for a small canvas, similar to what I'd seen on Pinterest. Although it sounded great at the time, I just didn't think the wall art really fit our home and I wouldn't know where to put it. 

After looking at these hundred plus little circles with all our guests names on them for months, I came up with something unique: a wreath. Using a straw wreath I'd been saving since Fall clearances began, tissue paper, yarn and push pins, I got to work. First, I wrapped the entire thing in tissue paper, so no straw parts would come lose. Then I wrapped in yarn...which took forever, people. Last, I folded all the circles in half and pinned them into the straw. 

I love the way the circles look like flowers. It's perfect for the inside of our front door...just as soon as I get a large hook. I think this may be a great gift idea for future showers. I love fun projects!

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[All wedding-day photographs were taken by and belong to Lisa Francis Photography]