Little Feet Traditions

When we got married, I wanted to start a tradition of taking some kind of picture, similarly everywhere we go. Thinking of angles and different cameras and such, head shots weren't going to be similar or easy to take. I decided that our feet would be the perfect solution: simple to take, same angle every time and it shows off where we are, more than how we look. 

So far, we haven't taken a whole lot of pictures, mainly because we haven't been a lot of places yet! As of now, we have feet pictures in our honeymoon hotel, beach in Mexico, Super Bowl Sunday spot in our bedroom and our hotel in Wichita Falls, on our way to see my bro-in-law graduate. 

I need to try and take these pictures more often: at track meets, road trips, daily life, etc. I think when there are a lot more, this tradition will make for a pretty cool collage. Hopefully, we'll have some future pictures in the streets of NYC, on the snow in Colorado, in the waters of Hawaii and maybe add some new feet in a few years?

Do any of you have any kind of picture-traditions?