Prabal Gurung for Target

I'm so not going to pretend I had heard the name "Prabal Gurung" before last weekend. At first I actually thought Target misspelled a hashtag on their Twitter! After looking further into it, I finally figured out what all the hype was about and I knew I wanted to go and see the new bright looks for myself. 

I'm absolutely in love with all the bright colors, neons and floral patterns. 
Not all the pieces are something that I would wear, but they're still so nice to look at. 

My favorite part of this collection is all the illusion-dresses. Coming off the holiday season, full of food (+ new pounds), we all could use a little bit of illusion! No matter what the waist size, you're going to look a little cinched in with the placement of the stripes, shapes and lines. It's really too bad there aren't any arm-illusions. Am I right?

By some string of bad luck, my gps took me to a Target I'd never been to before and it happens to be the smallest one I've ever seen. They didn't have a ton of Prabal (the few pictures above were IT), so I browsed online to find more and more...and more and more and more.

Colorblock Dress -Dresden Blue | Ruffle Dress - Apple RedPleated Dress -Black/White

Then I saw THE ONE for me: Short-Sleeve Dress - Calypso Coral. I don't know if it's because I love the color-combination or the shape or the black belt, but I just know I LOVE this one. Instead of just running out and buying it (which I could, I even have a gift card) I decided to make it a goal dress. Lose 15 pounds & I can buy it. It's my phone lock screen, so I'm reminded at all times of the day. This may be the best weight-loss motivation of my whole diet-life. 

I definitely couldn't leave the store without browsing around everywhere else. These mugs were definitely worth the browse. Look how cute! I think they were so girly and fun and I want to buy them all.

If you need something special to wear for your Valentine's date this week, Prabal has plenty of pretty to choose from (but Mossimo and Merona have some cute picks as well!) Happy Target shopping :)