DIY | Garland Valentines

While working on my 

Valentine's Day City Swap

 card I wanted to make something with a little more pizazz than just the regular rectangular flip up. I ended up creating a special "card" that opens with a surprise string of heart garland. I hope Nicole from

 loves it as much as I loved making it for her. & I hope it arrives despite the blizzard!

After I finished hers, I decided to make a few more! There is still a little time to send someone some smiles this Valentine's Day! Create tonight, send asap. Here's how you can make your own garland Valentine. 

1. Supplies: scrapbook paper, glue (I used 

Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue

), thread, 

heart puncher (I used 

Martha Stewart Crafts Heart Punch

), paint pen, scissors. 

2. Punch 20 or so little hearts. Place aside for later. 

3. Trace and cut out two large hearts (make sure they will fit in an envelope, if you're using one). 

4. Decorate your hearts with notes, polka dots and whatever else you want. 

5. Glue a foot-long piece of thread between the two large hearts. 

Make a paper-glue-thread-glue-paper sandwich so the thread will stay secure. 

6. Start creating the garland by gluing the small punched hearts onto the thread. 

Use that same paper-glue-thread-glue-paper sandwich. Hold together long enough for the glue to completely dry. 

Now you have a unique little piece of art for your friends, family and loves to open. Have fun with different color combinations, slogans and decorations  (Using a red paint pen instead of white would make them look like

Conversation Hearts

, which would be even cuter! I'll have to make some of those too!) Happy crafting. 

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