Happie|Crappie Friday

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Haven't changed my last name this week either. One day, I swear this will be one of my HAPPIES. 

My poor thumb! Yesterday afternoon I hammered it...hard, while trying to hang up a frame. At dinner, I dropped some hot food and burned it. So, I have a discolored thumb covered in burn medication. 

I have two loads of laundry to fold today. They're just sitting in the living room starring at me. Bummer. 

An engagement photo shoot of mine was planned this weekend. It rained us out last time we planned it. Forecast this weekend? Rain, rain, rain. We will get you, weather. We will. 


I met up with Megan from Two Live Colorfully last Saturday. I've never had a blogger meet-up before. We sat and talked for 4 whole hours! It was so much fun and the Rocky Road Latte from Cafe Brazil I had was unreal!

I worked out in my fitness center this week...say whhahattt? Yeah. First time in my apartment's fitness center. Loved it. 

The Super Bowl was beyond amazing. If you still need to catch up, I wrote all about it!

The Grammy awards are Sunday! I'm too excited. It's probably my favorite off all the awards shows. I hope Adele sings. 

IT IS NATIONAL GIRL SCOUT COOKIE DAY! Which makes this the happiest Friday of ALL TIME!

I went all super-duper DIY-er this week and posted some projects. First up was my bedroom wall art ($5. Super cheap!) and then there was my most time-consuming wedding project: pinwheel bouquets


I redecorated my kitchen this week. Then, I finished my office (I am typing this in my new office! Yah!) I have been a go-getter this week! Can't wait to reveal next week. Stay tuned!

Along with that, I plan on posting an entire house apartment tour. Finally, finally, finally. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back on Sunday to link up for Sunday Social and then start my week of room reveals. Until then, I'm sure I'll be tweeting, instagramming and pinning. Join me :)

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