A Methodical New Year

me·thod·i·cal | mə-ˈthä-di-kəl
[neat, orderly, organized, regular, systematic, systematized]
1: arranged, characterized by, or performed with method or order
2: habitually proceeding according to method


I’m not very good with calendars, or organizing or planning. Generally grown-up things don’t really fly with me. I feel like because of all that, I make myself more stressed at home and at work than I need to be…which generally makes me recluse to my bed and sleep more than actually live.

If there’s one thing I really don’t do, it’s spontaneity. If it’s not planned in advance, count me out. Which, is all pretty difficult when you’re a poor planner in the first place!

Savannah, let’s work on being more methodical this year. Let’s get the digital calendar going. Prep your meals. Commit to exercise and make it happen every time. Pick up the living room, dining room and kitchen before you go to bed. Get a laundry routine together and stick to it.

Make your life less stressful by planning ahead. Treat future-Savannah with respect and kindness by preparing her for the day ahead. You can do it.