Not Moving?

The same day my post went live about our upcoming forced apartment move, things changed quickly...and for the better! *sighs of major relief as the hallelujah chorus sings* 

Coach and I were standing in a new apartment complex's leasing office that afternoon. We had just toured the living space and were getting ready to sign our names on the dotted line. This rent was going to be a lot more money, a lot smaller space and we'd be moving within two weeks. Not to mention switching utility companies, forwarding our mail, etc. 

For some reason, at that very moment, my husband decided to give our current apartment one last call. You know, the place who rented our unit out from under us, even though they said they wouldn't. Well, someone else answered the office phone that evening. He spoke with the property manager. 

Apparently, the buck stops with the property manager y'all. She basically vetoed everything we'd been told over the last week ("We're so sorry, there's nothing we can do.") and quickly sent over a new lease to extend our current move out date to add an additional two months. Lesson learned: No matter what anyone at an apartment office tells you, ask to talk with the property manager.  

Now we don't have to move so soon and we can continue looking for a house without worrying about moving twice. You guys...I could not believe that all happened. Such a crazy day. I didn't know whether to cry, laugh or just pass out.

Being proactive, I had already begun removing all decorations from our current walls and packing for the move.

Even though it's no longer a frantic situation, I think I'm going to continue packing. You know, if our goal is to buy a house in the next few months (please, Lord, let there be a house in the next few months), I'll have to pack for a move eventually. Might as well declutter, minimize and get rid of stuff while I have the time? I hate that my apartment is the hottest of messes, though. Coach had a friend over and I was totally mortified. He knew we were moving, but still. I just like my house to be put together. Guess I'll put that preference aside for a little bit. Just temporary, right? 

Here's to the next few months of boxes, tubs, thrift store drop offs and organizing!