We Bought A House

We've been keeping a bit of a secret and we're finally ready to let it all out! Y'all...we bought a house. This has all been in the works for over a month, so I've been bursting at the seams to share. I certainly didn't want to do anything too early because with all the ups and downs of house hunting, I think I was just waiting for it all to fall through. Of course, I felt a little better once there was a cute little "sold" sign outside the house, but I certainly didn't want to jinx anything! 


Quietly for the past month we’ve been through submitting two offers at once, finally being accepted, writing numerous checks, listening to inspection results, loan changes, signing so many papers my fingers still hurt, walk-throughs, setbacks, studying maps of our new neighborhood, pinning, more loan changes, hearing words I still don’t understand and packing for a move, all while never quite feeling completely confident that this all was actually going to happen!

About a month ago, we had to give a thirty-day notice on our apartment. Meaning, we would HAVE to move at the end of May, no matter what happened to our closing date. Scary stuff, y’all!

Not too long after, our loan officer let us know that he had to move our closing back, maybe into June. Umm. Not an option. We had to change loan officers and loans quite literally about a week before the first closing date we had set up. "Stressful" is kind of an understatement. 

While all the serious adulting decisions were being made, I consoled myself in the evenings with Pinterest binges. Now that I was going to have a house (hopefully), I made project lists and things we'd need to save for and buy. It's been kind of fun to go room-by-room dreaming about what I could do in each space (and even preparing for many of the upgrades). By the time we moved in, I knew exactly which paint I wanted to buy, which furniture pieces would look good where and what projects I wanted to accomplish first (although that to do list gets longer each day). 

Luckily, we've had some time to slowly move out of our apartment and work on a few things around the house. Our house. It's still so weird!

We're excited and scared and ready for this next phase of life.
I'll be sharing a lot more pictures soon, of course, so keep checking back.