Loopy Case Love

"What's that little thing on your phone case?" is a question I get asked quite often. Then, its proceeded by me going into an excited raving rant about how much everyone needs a Loopy Case in their life. And, you do!

In all simplicity, it's a super thin case with a silicone loop perfectly positioned on the back. 

The loop fits around your middle finger (with styles for both right- and left-handers). When you're good and looped, you will never drop your phone again. Not when you're fumbling around with fifty things in your hand trying to get out of the house in the morning. Not when you're jogging in the park. Not when you're holding it above your face at night in bed, catching up on your Pinterest feed. *hallelujah chorus* Not ever. 


One of my co-worker's wives found and purchased this nifty little case during its beginning Kickstarter days. Then, he got one too. *raved about it* So, I put it on my gift list and got one. *raved about it* The awesomeness was like a domino effect in our office. Now, between my co-workers and all our spouses, we've purchased at least 8 of these cases. We love them!

The cases come in beautiful bright colors like turquoise and green, or chic matte selections like black and rose gold. I want to add a couple more to my collection, so I can trade colors every few months. At $35, they're completely affordable enough to do that!

My only complaint is that once you get used to the loop, it throws you off a bit when you have to use someone else's non-looped phone. You will definitely feel like you're back in the stone ages, but just buy them a Loopy Case for their next birthday and help bring them into 2017 properly.