Coconut Milk Mango

Summer may be winding down and I supposed I'm supposed to be filling my home with spices and autumn, but this is one Spring's Eden Candle that I'll be burning until it disappears on me. 

First attracted to its cute floral tin canister, I saw this little one at Anthropologie and had to have it. I was in to buy a gift for someone else and, like a true friend, ended up with something for myself too! 

Anyway, this. candle. smells. so. good! It officially is a mixture of bright mandarin orange, velvety peach and fresh mango are wrapped in notes of juicy papaya, coconut milk and creamy vanilla. Yes. Yes to all of it!

Then to put a beautiful cherry on top of this delectable sundae, there are coordinating matches! I mean, have you ever seen anything combustable look this beautiful? No, the answer is no. 

What's your all-time favorite candle scent?

Let me know in the comments!