Easter Sister Weekend

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend, spent with some of your favorite family and friends. Our husbands were both out of town working for the weekend, so my sister and I made the best of it and had a full sister weekend at her place. Sister weekends for us usually just means taking pictures and having some sort of dessert. We definitely lived up to our tradition. 

I had recently seen a cute cookie recipe from Tastemade and decided we needed to try it for Easter lunch. We made some tweaks and created cupcakes with the same overall idea. This is not a very difficult dessert to quickly put together for Spring festivities. Just yellow cupcakes, swirled chocolate icing and top with a few malted eggs. 


In true Boyd-family fashion, we went as far from traditional ham as possible and ordered Italian takeout from a local hometown restaurant, Taste of Italy, for Easter Sunday lunch. We dressed up our takeout table with my new paper plates by Cheeky (designed by DesignLoveFest). 

And, of course, my sister has the cutest Easter outfit of all time, so it had to be photographed. Seriously, she puts this cute thing together and I show up in a black maxi. Typical! 

We just walked out into my parents' backyard for all of these, but the setting sun was definitely working for us. Golden hour at its best, friends. 

I even got a few portraits of myself (as you can tell by my new profile pictures all over internet land) and we roped our mom into getting some sister pictures of us together. #alwaysBoydsisters

Happy Easter!