Black Friday Tips

Growing up, Black Friday wasn't really our thing. We were always at my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving and there's not a whole lot of places to shop near their small town. Since becoming an adult, I've stood in a couple lines for big ticket items...but, mainly I walk around aimlessly for the sheer spectacle of it all. Here's some tips I hope more shoppers could consider this year: 

 1. THINK SMALL. I've always had the best luck on Black Friday in smaller towns and stores that aren't in the most popular part of the city. Most people automatically go to the biggest stores, while smaller ones nearby have the same items for the same great prices. Plus, they're a little more chill. Think "regular Target," verses "Super Target." 

2. STOP THE MADNESS. Do not shop anywhere until at least 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. It angers me so much that stores are opening up earlier and earlier each year. Not allowing employees the opportunity to have Thanksgiving dinner is unfair and ridiculous. If we all quit showing up at 6 p.m., they won't have to open at 6 p.m. 

3. HELP OUT. If you're waiting around for friends in lines, use your free time by helping straighten up the shoe aisle, fold some clothes or pick up toys from the floor. People are crazy (and extra rude) on Black Friday, which causes messes and madness for retail workers. Make their day a little easier by helping out. Every little bit counts!

4. BE KIND. Again, I have seen my share of mean-ness on Black Fridays. Don't be that person. Be extra kind as you look for items, stand in long lines and interact with the cashiers. Even if you're sleepy. Even if you're stuffed full of turkey. Even if someone got the last tv in front of you. It's your decision to go out and shop. Don't drag anyone else down because of that choice. 

5. STAY HOME. Wait, What? Yeah. Stay home. If you must shop at all, online is a whole lot you can probably spend some extra time with your relatives and loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving!