Wedding Cake Topper

The rest of this week, I'm righting the little wrongs that happened on our wedding day right before our first anniversary arrives. Nothing major, of course, just the nitpicky things that only a bride would even care about. First up, I took my forgotten bridal portraits, now I'm fixing up our cake.

The idea was for us to have a simple 3-tiered white cake with a fun, cake-topper, surrounded by white cupcakes. Well, our cake and cupcakes were simple and so beautiful, thanks to my best friend, Lupita's, mom. However, I totally forgot to get the cake topper together, in-time. Having a DIY wedding, things like that happen!

In the spirit of the "wedding redo," I put together the fun little cake topper that was supposed to be there on the big day. I started off printing out a cute little graphic that I bought of Coach and myself back in 2011. He has a video game control, of course, and I have my camera in-hand. I cut that out, along with a graphic of a balloon with our wedding logo. Using foam tape, I put the paper pieces and wire all-together.

Then we've got a cute little unique, whimsical little topper, just for us. 

I may keep this one to top off our year-old cake when we eat a few pieces on Monday. 

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