Lupita Visits ETX

I'm living with my parents in East Texas and working almost every day of the week. This leaves no time for trips to DFW, where my old roommates still live and go to school. I really haven't seen them in over a month! Well, Lupita happened to be traveling to ETX last week and she came to see me. My heart was filled with "happy!"

She went on the 100+ wedding errands I was doing that day, as any great bridesmaid would :)

We bought the bridesmaid TOMS shoes. Hoooray, hooray! We ate some (okay TONS) of yummy pizza at CiCi's. She is absolutely nutty about The Wanted. Virtually insane, I'm pretty sure :) We bummed on my sister's couch for a few hours. We made a run (and by "run," I mean "drive") to Dairy Queen for Blizzards. We laughed and cried and got angry at Grey's Anatomy. 

Then she had to leave...

I've got to find some DFW time soon. I miss that girl. & that other old roommate/bridesmaid of mine. Soon girls, soon.