Bridal Shower Sunday

My first official bridal shower was this afternoon and the weather definitely got the memo. It's been "showering" now for about 48 hours straight with no letting up. (I'm loving it, though because it's bringing a wonderful cold front. Maybe now it'll actually feel like October and not July!) I was excited to wear this little white lace number I got at Ross a few weeks back. What a perfect occasion :)

My hostesses decorated with my wedding colors. The even incorporated balloons and pinwheels, which will also be present on my whimsical wedding-day. Everything looked so great!

I can't wait to read all the notecards in the "can of dates." The guests were told to write in {cheap} date night ideas for anytime Coach and I are bored and can't think of anything to do! 

They also were asked to write down any favorite recipes they could think of on the spot. My favorite was the one that simply said, "See Pinterest." Ha! Isn't that where all our recipes are anyway? :)

I had 9 great hostesses! Thank you Ms. Sharla, Mrs. Haney, Mrs. Loven, Ms. Ashley, Mrs. Turner, Ms. Niki, Coach Deller, Mrs. Ledkins & Mrs. Conde for taking your time to throw this shower for me! 

Guests were asked not to wrap the gifts, which made the "opening" process a lot faster (and less wasteful.) I really recommend it for your next shower! Gifts were passed around so all the guests could see, after the card was read. Coach and I had so many wonderful gifts given to us!

I had such a great time, surrounded by my lovely family and friends. Coach and I got so many amazing gifts from our registry. I can't wait for him to see them all. We are absolutely overwhelmed. 

Thank you all for your contributions to our new household. {Maybe I'll learn to cook....or something like that!}