Tossing The Caps

Wooh! My boyfriend and I are both graduates from The University of North Texas. He has a BS in Mathematics and I have a BA in Journalism (Strategic Communications, Advertising,'s confusing). 

His Friday evening ceremony was extra special. The president of our university came around and spoke to us in the audience before the ceremony began. Then, after all the graduates were seated, the president asked him to stand during his introduction speech and told him how much we loved him! It was really cool of him to do that for several graduates and their families. 

Early the next morning, it was time for my ceremony to begin. I took a camera with me, so I got a lot of shots with my Mayborn friends and wonderful professors while we waiting to be summoned to the gym. 

I spent about 200+ hours with this group this semester. Proclaim was the most stressful, terrifying, productive and successful group I've ever had. We worked really hard on our Nissan campaign and got the grade to show for it! (Missing our leader, Mike.)

Viviana and I decided to take the traditional white-girl, look-at-our-cool-shoes, picture :D Like my shoes? Check out the tutorial and make some for yourself!

 Afterwards, it was only 10am, so we went out for a breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Thank you all for spending these boring ceremonies with us. We know they're tedious, but they represent a lot of hard work. We love you all!