World Vision and Me

Last week I received the annual envelope in the mail that reminds me I am doing some good in this world. I open it up to see a picture of a beautiful little girl from Mali named Astan. A stranger that I have become so fond of in the past few years.

At 16-years-old, I began sponsoring Astan through an organization called World Vision

My PR for Non-profits professor recently asked us to write a blog post about a non-profit that we support. World Vision was definitely my first thought. 

According to their mission page, they are heavily influenced by their Christian values, but serve all people no matter their religion, race, ethnicity or gender either. They are for the well-being of all people.

World Vision works because of the opportunity for Christians around the world to be a part of their giving in personal ways. They allow those of us that are financially able to help, to serve.

I am able to serve Astan, even though I have never met her in person.

The World Vision web site gives the many different ways you can help their organization. Sponsoring a child is one of them. They encourage families and groups to sponsor children, as well as individuals. Through a question page for sponsors, they give details as to how money goes from a sponsors pocket and into the life of a child. This money can help improve nutrition, provide education and give more immediate access to clean water. Periodically, sponsors receive pictures and school report cards from their sponsored children. You can also send them pictures of your own and letters that will be translated into their native tongue.

If someone can not afford to commit to sponsoring a child for a long time, World Vision provides many other ways for your money to do great things in other parts of the world. Currently, they have opportunities to help relieve the food crisis in the horn of Africa.

A big part of the holiday season, near Christmastime, is their Gift Catalog. You can purchase different gifts for a family in need. They are arranged by price, from $10 to over $300. These gifts you can choose from can be many things from basketballs to a donkey. Most items, especially the animals, are to give a long-term provision of stability for a community.

I'm so glad I am able to be a small part of such a big organization. I believe in what they are doing and hope I can play an even bigger part of their organization in the future.