Team #WhiteAndGold

Who knew "the dress of 2015" would be the true dividing line in our country? If you've been under a social media rock for the past 20 hours, I'll catch you up: a girl posted a picture to Tumblr of a blue and black dress...but, she saw it as white and gold in the photo. SO DID I. So did a lot of people! I thought this was a big internet hoax until my eyes decided to switch and I saw the dress as its true colors: black and blue. When you see it both ways, friends, it's really mind boggling!

via swiked on tumblr

And, if you're seeing the above image as white and gold, you're not alone! Apparently, there's some science to this that might involve wavelengths and light and eye cones and such. It's really the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, as my eyes have switched the colors several times now. Sometimes I see it blue, sometimes I see it white. 

Since I was an original member of team #WhiteandGold, I've found some things that we can all buy and enjoy that WON'T play black-and-blue tricks on us...or will they?

1. Brush Set | 2. Cup & Saucer | 3. Paddle Brush | 4. Michael Kors Watch | 5. Oscar de la Renta Necklace | 6. Coffee Maker | 7. Inge Christopher Clutch | 8. Osman Dress | 9. Kendra Scott Earrings

Any way you see it, February 26, 2015 was really fun, internet! I don't know if we'll be able to top the day that llamas ran loose in AZ (yep, llamas) and a single blue dress caused chaos across the web.

So, were you team #whiteandgold or team #blueandblack?