New Year's Improvements

It's that time of year that we make promises to ourselves that we have no intention of keeping. I'm here to say that this little list is full of improvements I, HAVE to make in my life this year.

Things I need to DO:

ONE: Work out. | Like, for real for real. I'm getting to an age where health and such seems to actually matter and it's definitely not good for where I should be at 24. I've gained a lot of weight this year settling into my office job because I'm completely sedentary all day long. It's time to get back on the work out wagon and shed some dress sizes. Whether that's getting up and going to the gym early or walking around the park outside my office during my entire lunch break, it has to happen.

TWO: Save money. | At this point, buying a house someday is looking like an extremely tiny light at the end of a very long tunnel. Being an adult isn't all that fun sometimes when sacrifices have to be made, but money needs to start adding up in that savings account pronto.

Things I need to PREP:

THREE: Food | I've been terrible at making lunches and dinners (and eating breakfast at all) over the past several months. We resort to take-out all too often. These last few days off work this week will give me plenty of time to get some preparations made and a grocery plan in place.

FOUR: Blog Posts | I've got to do a lot better about planning my blog posts during the week and shooting for those posts on weekends. On work days, I can't get home when there's any natural light, so I can't shoot anything on those days until daylight savings happens again. Just a little bit more list-making will help!

Things I need to LEARN:

FIVE: Handwriting | Somehow I had fantastic handwriting in 4th grade, when we learned to write in cursive, and it's kind of been all downhill from there. Sometimes I look at the chicken-scratch on all my post-it notes and work and think, "Surely I didn't write that!" Practice makes perfect, or so I'm told?

SIX: Adobe Design | I didn't have to take a whole lot of college courses in design programs, so I've never really sat down to get to know Adobe inDesign or illustrator. They're total thorns in my side when I try to navigate them right now, but I'm hoping lots of online tutorials will help me out this year.

What are you planning on improving in 2015?