A Time to Be Quiet

It's been a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking year when it comes to race relations in the United States. The actions and reactions across our country have both outraged and deeply-wounded. Some of that has happened online through "innocent" statuses and tweets.

Something about the age of social media has given everyone the motivation to make their opinion heard on every platform, no matter the subject. Maybe there's a false-sense of bravery shielded by a computer screen? "Bravery" as in, I probably wouldn't say this in mixed company (because it's a little rude and degrading to an entire group of people), but since we're online, I definitely can.

Last week, Matt Chandler gave the best 2 illustrations I've yet to hear on how so many people completely dropped the ball in light of recent events. If you don't have 50 minutes to spare today, at least watch from 34:15 to 39:35. It's just 5 minutes. You can make time for that.

Please remember this next year, there's no need for you to have an opinion on every single matter, especially if it's from a perspective of privilege, ignorance, misunderstanding and indifference. Your opinion across social media is not a requirement. Silence is okay too. It's biblical (Proverbs). There's a time to hear others out. There's a time to be quiet. 

"Love is the only force capable

of transforming an enemy into friend."

Thank you, Dr. King for your vision. For racial reconciliation. For hope for my future kids. For not being silent when you had the chance to change the nation for the better. We will celebrate you today by seeing Selma and continually learning more about the time in which you lived and the enemies you fearlessly stood up to. May your legacy always be on our hearts. 

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