Long-Distance Friendships

Not too long ago, you may have seen a photo of my best friends, Crystal and Lupita, as I dropped them off at the airport, headed for the big apple. They weren't going for a visit, they were going to live! After two months, they have a place to call "home," are constantly on the job search and are relishing in every New York holiday event (there's so many)!

I miss them tons, but sometimes it seems like we're still around each other all the time! Weird, right? Here's how we're figuring out how to be long-distance friends:

ONE | Snapchat - This app is keeping my friendships alive, I tell ya. Whether at the doctor's office or the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, my friends and I get to see/hear about what we're all doing, instantly and daily (sometimes hourly). It's definitely my most-used app these days. This helps us get to be directly involved in each other's lives, even when we can't physically be there.

TWO | Mail - I've learned exactly where the closest post offices are to my house and my job. I go there a lot now, especially this time of year when I'm sending Christmas cards, birthday gifts and Christmas goodies. Priority mail boxes are my new favs (and I've just about memorized their dimensions and prices).

THREE | Pictures - My best friends are framed, right beside me on my desk at work and in several places around my home. I never forget to think about people who I see daily...so, seeing their pictures around everywhere works the same way!

FOUR | Blog - Crystal and Lupita are blogging too! We're constantly helping one another with bloggy-stuff and collaborating on content ideas. It's fun to have one big project in common.

FIVE | Visit - This one is a little more on the expensive side, but I totally plan on visiting my friends sometime in the near future. Once I get over the blow that Christmas can do to a wallet, I'll be saving up for some plane tickets and tourist money! Yay!