About Those 3D Lashes

By now, you've probably been invited to a Younique facebook party and if you haven't, you should be worried you don't have any friends. I'm totally kidding! I've been invited to several online parties and finally gave in and bought myself some Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

At first, it's a little different to get used to the application process (watch some Youtube tutorials!). Not hard, but it's definitely just different than we're used to. 

Here's the evolution of me using Younique lashes: without mascara -> with regular mascara -> with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

My only small complaint is that this stuff is pretty tough to get off. My usual makeup remover just can't get it all (similar to trying to remove really good waterproof mascara). After a few trials-and-errors, I've figured out that coconut oil really helps to get it off quicker than anything else. A little bit of oil smeared onto a cotton ball (one for each eye) gets it all gone and clean. 

I don't use it every morning, as I'm usually a zombie before work and do the least possible makeup as I can get away with. However, I'm totally in love with stuff. It was truly worth the purchase for weekends and special occasions. I'll be buying it again...and again. And maybe buy some for others as gifts! If you need a place to buy some for yourself, check out my friend Kristina's shop!