Marfa Bathroom Inspiration

I've been a little Marfa-obsessed lately. I haven't ever been, but I so want to! If you haven't heard of Marfa, it's a beautiful little eclectic town in west Texas. The town slogan is "Tough to get to. Tougher to explain. But once you get here, you get it." How intriguing, right?! Check out this "hotel" site, El Cosmico. It has to be the cutest place to stay. Definitely on my bucket-list of where to vacation. I wish Marfa was just a little tiny bit closer to Dallas, I'd probably drive on over all the time! 

Anyway, as I get ready to decorate a guest bathroom in our new place, I've been looking around for some inspiration. Why not Marfa, right? Here's a few things that I think would make a pretty, eclectic little west Texas bathroom. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere...even places you've never been!